Although we advertise our livestock availability on our website. We do not sell livestock via our website. If you are unable to come into store and are interested in any of our livestock please contact us. So that we can provide more help and information on our policies.

Livestock Policy

We here at Bristol Reptile Emporium pride ourselves in supplying healthy exotics; we will never knowingly sell any exotic that is sick or injured.

We always aim to provide relevant information relating to the care of exotics, we would also recommend that you the owner obtain additional detailed information relating to the care of your exotic throughout its life. This could be obtained from books and via the internet, please be aware that the internet is not regulated, so it is always best to use a number of sites for reference.

Livestock is covered by a 48 hour guarantee, if you experience any difficulties with an exotic purchased from us, we ask that you contact us straight away, before going to a vet or any other organisation.

Livestock List

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Why Choose Bristol Reptile Emporium?

To maintain the highest standards of quality of stock, we endeavour to source all our livestock from local breeders as we are committed to supporting individual hobbyists. Occasionally, rare stock may have to be imported.