Meet Michelle


“I have a real love for snakes in all their different sizes, colours, patterns and temperaments.

Pythons simply melt my heart, from Royals to Burmese and everything in between, they are truly amazing. However all the other species of exotics fill me with joy and delight!”


This is My Story

Michelle Wildson opened the Bristol Reptile Emporium in Bristol but her passion for exotics started at the age of seven!
As a passionate, qualified, keeper and breeder who has worked with exotics for over 10 years, Michelle was frustrated by the lack of choice of quality livestock in and around Bristol. She felt she could do better – and offer fantastic after-care and customer service on top – so she launched the Bristol Reptile Emporium at the age of 26.

Michelle and her team also offer a short-term boarding service link to new page about other services for people going on holiday, and can rehabilitate or re-home link to new page about other services exotics if owners are no longer able to care for them.
Bristol Reptile Emporium also organises reptile talks and displays link to new page about other services and has its own in-house breeding programmes link to new page about other services.

The reputation of Bristol Reptile Emporium has grown and grown, with wonderful reviews link to reviews from happy customers. Like our Facebook page to be the first to see new and unusual stock – and pop into the shop to have a look around. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome from Michelle and her team – including mum Helen! – and all the help you’ll need to find your next gorgeous exotic pet!

“I started off with invertebrates and then a few geckos and, like most people, once bitten by the bug, my collection grew and grew! Not only have I built up a large personal collection, I also chose exotics as my field of work, and spent three years studying animal care.

Michelle Wildson

Bristol Reptile Emporium

Why Choose Bristol Reptile Emporium?

To maintain the highest standards of quality of stock, we endeavour to source all our livestock from local breeders as we are committed to supporting individual hobbyists. Occasionally, rare stock may have to be imported.