Bristol Reptile Emporium also provide additional services to help support our customers and their pets.

Reptile Experiences

We understand that not everyone is lucky enough to have some of the exciting species which we have in store at home. We offer reptile experiences as talks and displays that are tailored to meet your requirements.  A member of our team will bring a selection of livestock to a location of your choice. We provide fun and factual information about the species, allowing contact with some species within a safe controlled environment.

Please contact us for more information in regards to this service.

Holiday Boarding

“What do we do when we go on holiday?” It’s a question we often get asked when customers are looking into buying a new pet. Although some friends and family are happy to help not everyone is so lucky. With this in mind we set up our boarding vivariums. We aim to provide our highest standard of care for your reptiles while they stay with us, giving peace of mind to their owners while their away. Although spaces are limited and book up quickly.


Please contact us for more information in regards to this service.

Nail Trimming

Like cats and dogs the claws of some species of reptiles can become long. If left unchecked this can become uncomfortable for both animal and owner, plus lead to reduced movement and possible health problems.  We offer a nail trimming service, we can help keep the nails short and you reptile active.

Please contact us in regard to this service.

Why Choose Bristol Reptile Emporium?

To maintain the highest standards of quality of stock, we endeavour to source all our livestock from local breeders as we are committed to supporting individual hobbyists. Occasionally, rare stock may have to be imported.